Two Grandfathers Meet

I was hiking along the trail on the Carquenez Straits,

pouring my heart out to God.

Afraid of the future, without my wife;

and asking Him to help me  understand.


The waves were lapping breezily on the rocky shore.

Herons watching for their next meal

In the waters that draw so many to fish.


Around an outcropping, I saw him there.

Knee high waders, denim jeans and flannel shirt.

Baseball cap covered graying hair,

Laugh lines spread over his mahogany face.


Warily, he looked at me as I approached.

Seeing I carried no fishing pole

He led down his guard and smiled at me.

Welcomed me to the bank of his fishing hole.


“Any luck?” I asked, looking into his eyes.

He gray whiskers showed his lips in smile,

as he tested his line and spoke:

“Not much, not yet.  Whatcha doin’ man?  Out scoutin’ aroun’?”


“Just out for a walk,, tryin’ to clear my head.

S’posed to be in divorce court Monday.

It’s breakin’ my heart.”


“Divorce court?  Man, what’s wrong wit’ you?

Don’t you know at our age

we’re s’posed to be settlin’ down?

We’re too damned old to be playin’ around!”


“Yeah, don’t I know!  That’s what I’m tellin’ myself.”


“Any kids?” he asks.

“You bet”, I says.

“But they’re all grown.

Grandkids, though.  Got us five.”


“Me, too!” says he.

“I’ve got two.  Boys, they are.

And, Lord, how they make me smile.

Keeps my heart goin’ everyday!

Them two little boys

made it all worthwhile.”


“Well, walkin’…that’s a good thing to do!

It’ll help you thnk

and pay attention, too,

to what the good Lord be tellin’ you.”


“Walk with Him…and it’ll be alright.

These youngun’s need us.

And, we needs them.

Just love ’em…and Him.

And, it’ll be alright.”



August 22, 2003; Carquinez Straits; San Francisco Bay, Benicia, Caliornia.

February 28, 2014:  Granada, Nicaragua.  Still walkin’.

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