Little Dove

As I walked the path

at the water’s edge;

My heart sought God

revelations for my life.


Blue-grey, fluttering wings

caught my eye, stopped my stride.

In grasses, hidden,

she whispered, “Don’t hurt me”.


Closer I stepped.  To fast, too soon.

Painfully she rose, faltered into the breeze.

Fighting for life and flight

she found safe tree limbs that reached for the sky.


“I’m sorry”, I said.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you.

I wanted, with you,

Peace, little dove.”


“You reminded me of my son.

I hear his chimes playing 

softly in your song.”


“I see my grandson,

at only age two…

reaching to caress you

and share in your peace.”


Fly away now.

But not too far, 

little dove.


(August 21, 2003:  Benicia State Recreation Area; Benicia, California)



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