She likes to say there are two kinds of people…

those chasing pleasure

and those chasing pain.
You ask me;

nobody gets to escape their pain.

It’s there when you brush your teeth at night,

it’s often there before breakfast.
It’ll come up fierce and sharp;

it’ll lay in your blood, waiting in your body.
The most you can hope for is one good day…

‘Cause on a good day, you get to tell yourself:

“I can fix this.  Today can be different.

Today, something might change.”
She likes to say there are two kinds of people;

those chasing pleasures and those running from pain.
Maybe she’s right.

I don’t know.

What I know is this…

Pleasure helps you forget;

but pain forces you to hope.
You tell yourself:

“This can’t last.

Today could be different.

Today, something just might change.”

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