One of my good friends commented on my response to her Facebook posting just this morning, with:  “Well, Steve, I KNOW you like naughty girls!”  That comment from her, actually set me aback for just a bit.  How did she gain that impression?  From something I had written her?  Something I had written others?  Something that I had posted on her website?  A comment on one of her pictures or posts?  Or, something that she had posted on my Facebook wall?  After thinking about it, I decided that she was absolutely correct.  I DO LIKE NAUGHTY GIRLS!  Especially when they are grown naughty women!  But, I have much more than that with my “naughty friend”.  She and I, even though we have never met face to face, have a GREAT deal in common politically!  We are both liberal, progressive, populist Democrats.  We are both passionate…not only about our friendships…but also about our politics and our beliefs in populist movements to which we both subscribe.  In thinking about it, I realize that if we, and countless others like “we”, for generations and generations before us, had not been passionate about democratic issues and the principles of the “New Deal”, the “Great Frontier” and the “Great Society”, most of us would not be participating in so many aspects of our lives in which we are CURRENTLY free to act, speak, write and view.  Thanks to Democrats and liberals in the distant and near past, we are able to move freely about our country, gain a free public education, live in a society of law and order, enjoy dozens of holidays and vacations away from school and work, vote as we choose, worship (or not) as we choose, read what we like, view what we like, write what we like and what we have experienced and in which we believe, and speak our views freely…even if we like to talk randy or radical.  We are free to join political or social movements, and because of political and social movements we ARE free!  The Anti-Slavery Movement.  The Women’s Suffrage Movement.  The Labor Movement.  The Civil Rights Movement.  Voter’s Rights.  The Anti-War Movements.  The Free Speech Movement.  The Women’s Liberation Movement.  The College Student Movements.  The Patient’s Rights Movement.  The Child Labor Law Movement.  The Occupy Movement.  Religious freedom.  Free speech.  Freedom of the press.  Free to be safe and secure in our own homes.  Freedom from tyranny and oppression.  Freedom to seek life, liberty and join in the pursuit of happiness.  Yes, I’m glad that naughty girls, atheists, agnostics, faithful devotees and races other than WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants), the aged, the disabled, single mothers and their children that have been abandoned by their husbands (some of whom are in Congress and running for President), gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, trans-genders, the poor, the weak, the divorced, the veterans of foreign wars, the immigrants from other nations and dirty hippies can ALL come out of the closet.  It’s a damn good thing, too, because the closet is just not big enough for all the people that the GOP would send “back to wherever they came from”.  YES!  I do like naughty girls.  I like that they can be free to be naughty; and free to get an education; and free to dress like they choose; and free to drive an automobile, or a truck, or a SUV, or a motorcycle; and free to marry or to stay single; and free to vote; and free to manage their own bodies (right now); and free to choose and enter careers that pay them ALMOST what a man would get paid in the same job; and free to run for Congress, the Senate and even the Presidency of the United States; and free to even marry another naughty girl; and free to pilot a plane around the world or in the military; and free to play professional sports and not just be a “cheerleader”; and free to protest the actions of an out-of-control government, along with their sister and brother citizens, for now.  I think even Saint Nick likes naughty girls.  He seems to because he gives them the very best presents.  However, the best of the best gifts are for all of us and are contained in the United States Constitution and the Bill or Rights…written by democratic, progressive, populist men and secured by an entire nation of men AND women, boys AND girls that England’s King George considered to be very, very naughty.  Come on, EVERYONE, let’s get naughty and stay naughty together.  All of us!  The 99%.  The true American Patriots.  The citizens of the world.  The inhabitants and passengers on this space ship called “Planet Earth”.  Together we can change the world!  OCCUPY NAUGHTY!

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  1. Dear Steve,

    You must have the libido of a 12 year old boy, if not for real, certainly in your imagination. Good blog Steven. I like the politics part in so far as the luscious female pictures they are just fine. I prefer men. Now, if you want to post some male eye candy. I’m all eyes.


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